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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Hand Dyed Fabrics For Sale

I've been getting back into the swing of hand dyeing fabrics regularly.  It's one of my greatest joys to play with colour and try and decipher the language of dyes to get beautiful results every time.  There's only one problem with that - not enough cupboard space!

Now that I don't have a gallery and shop to sell my hand dyed fabrics through, they are beginning to pile up and spill over.

I'd dearly love to keep them all, but seeing as I couldn't possibly use them all in my lifetime, it's time to part with some.

These fabrics are high-quality 100% cotton broadcloth, width 114cm.  I use this as it's a little bit more tightly woven than quilting cottons, but not so tight that it's difficult to stitch through, and it has a beautifully smooth finish.

The dyes I use are commercial grade fibre reactive procion mx dyes.  They have great fade-resistant qualities as they form a chemical bond with cellulose fibres (but never store your fabrics in direct light).

I'm pretty confident you won't get colour runs when washing my hand dyes as I rinse and wash the bejeezers out of them - having a colour run on one of my quilts is my worst nightmare - but I can never guarantee things 100% due to water quality differences, different detergents or leaving quilts to sit damp (don't ever do it - dry quilts as soon as they have finished washing!)

So, on to the fabrics, they are all more or less one metre wide except this first one.

Fabric A - half metre dark purple ripple pattern.  This has some fuchsia touches at the top and bottom edges and a base colour of turquoise and darker blue vertical stripes peeking through. $NZD14 plus postage.

Fabric B - The photo doesn't give the richness of this fuchsia over-dye justice.  It's hard to photograph colours 100% accurate, I've done my best to get them looking right on my computer screen, but remember that different computer monitors may show them a little different.  $NZD28 plus postage.

Fabric C - This one is an interesting rippled pattern that I made as a base fabric for an underwater quilt.  I made several though, and this one didn't get used.  It has turquoise sections interspersed with some muddier green and brown sections $NZD28 plus postage.

Fabric D - SORRY SOLD - my favourite!  It reminds me of a Monet waterlily painting.  Aqua and turquoise with touches of pink deepening to navy blue towards the bottom edge.  $NZD28 plus postage.

Fabric E - SORRY SOLD -  One of my water ripples and reflection pieces.  Greys, purple/blue and a touch of aqua.  This has some beautiful shapes and colour changes through it.  $NZD28 plus postage.

Fabric F - highly patterned with lots of interest through it, this piece was dyed chartreuse but crammed between fuchsia and burgundy pieces resulting in some really appealing crease patterns and a sprinkling of white highlights.  $NZD28 plus postage.

That's enough for now.  I might put up some smaller pieces soon, perhaps some fat-quarter bundles?  Let me know if there are any specific colours you are interested in.  

If you wish to purchase any of the pieces above, please email me theslightlymadquiltlady at gmail dot com

New Zealand postage:
Half a metre of fabric fits in a paper A5 envelope and costs $2
I can fit up to two metres of fabric in $3 prepaid bag
I can fit up to four metres of fabric in a $4 prepaid bag

Overseas postage needs to be quoted individually so please email me for a rate.

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  1. Oh good for you with the dyed fabrics! I think fat quarter bundles are a good idea. Not surprised you already have made sales, the Monet style piece is beautiful.


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