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Monday, December 6, 2010


I've been trying to concentrate on my Father-in-Law's quilt that I'm making him for Christmas.  It's getting closer - but then so is Christmas!  I'm really pleased with how this Tui (a native New Zealand bird) block turned out.  Only one Tui will go on his quilt, so the other one will be used for something else.  I'm thinking wall hanging, bag panel, another quilt.....ok, maybe not another quilt just yet.

Click here to see images of real Tuis (but ignore the cheesy beer ads).


  1. Loving the spiral throat tuft. Excellent detail!

  2. PS - Hubby loves the cheesy beer ads - I have to suffer through "Come and look at this one!", as he finds a new one on the net, quite often.

  3. Beautiful, this is going to be a gorgeous quilt.

  4. They both look great - can't decide which one I like best. Which one goes best with the other blocks?


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