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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Amanda Stewart, Julia Arden, Helen Beaven and Julie Van der Putten on the NZ Quilt Show Podcast

It's that mad time of year again!  Here in New Zealand, Christmas and New Year's coincide with our Summer holiday period, so it's six weeks off school for the kids and lots of families travel and holiday around this time.  It's hot and busy and then there is the end of year stress with businesses and 'can you have it done by Christmas' requests.  But in amongst the chaos, there is time for me to squeeze in one last podcast!

This episode features another set of short interviews from the National Quilt Symposium 2017.  In the round-up we have:

Amanda Stewart from Provenance Textiles, supporting traditional individual craftspeople and groups in India and Cambodia.

Julia Arden, an Aotearoa Quilters member who entered three quilts into the 'Fragile' challenge.  She used metallic car paint for the background of the 'Save the Arctic' quilt, which you can see to the left in the picture above.

Helen Beaven, with her solo exhibition called 'Paint Modern' that began with a quilt that interpreted the knitting stitch form, but with paint on fabric instead of wool on needles.

(Apologies for the background noise.  Helen's was a popular exhibit in a small and noisy area!)

And last, but definitely not least, Julie van der Putten aka Puddle, from Quiltbooks - who I missed getting a photo of, much to my chagrin!  Julie is a delight to chat to and a regular at many of the quilt shows around NZ.  So if you ever see her, stop by for a peruse at her books and haberdashery and then a good yarn with the lady herself.

Now it's time I said a huge thank you to all my lovely listeners and sponsors who have given me so much support over this past year.  I really enjoy bringing the stories of our quiltmakers and professionals to you and I look forward to doing more of the same next year.  I couldn't do it without you, so THANK YOU!!  Have a wonderful, safe and peaceful holiday season, in whatever way you choose to celebrate and whatever season you are celebrating it in.

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Rachel Maw, Kathleen Burford and Bobby Duncan on The NZ Quilt Show

The NZ Quilt Show took a little break over the last few weeks because of this little guy, my newest nephew!

I downed tools and flew to Australia to spend a week with my sister, her husband and the new addition.  It's such a special time with a newborn, but hard work!  I felt really lucky that I could help out a bit (and cuddle the baby, of course!)

This episode of The NZ Quilt Show podcast continues the National Quilt Symposium round up and includes interviews with Rachel Maw from Annie's Country Quilt Store, a lovely little quilt store in Ashburton, NZ;

Kathleen Burford from the Migrant Women's Quilt Project;

and Bobby Duncan of Fabric by Three, a family owned fabric dyeing company.  That's Bobbi on the left, her husband John in the centre and John's sister, Liz on the right.

A note about the Migrant Women's Quilt Group - Kathleen and her group of volunteers teach migrant women, whether they be refugees or recent immigrants, to make quilts.  This group fosters friendships, makes connections, helps with learning English, all while teaching sewing skills.  They use donations to help keep the group going.  If you have GOOD quality fabric, sewing threads, notions etc to donate, you can contact Kathleen via email seniorburfords at gmail dot com

Thank you to everyone who supports this podcast and helps me tell the stories of our quiltmakers, artists and professionals.  If you would like to support me, head over to iTunes and leave a five star review, pop over to my podbean hosting site and leave a donation, or consider advertising your business by sponsoring an episode.  Email me at  Cheers!