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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where is the farmlet at?

I thought I'd take you on a little walkabout this morning as I feed the animals.  Just to show you what is happening.

I've moved the chooks into the summer garden.  They've been here for a week or so, weeding, de-bugging, and manuring.  I threw in a bale of old hay for them to de-seed and to add some carbon.  And they are right next to the main garden so I throw them any slugs or snails I find - tasty!

These are chicks who are big enough to graduate from this rabbit hutch to an A-frame chicken run soon.

We had the warmest May on record apparently.  And even now that it's June there have been no frosts, the kikuyu grass is still green and growing.

A new bundle of kits.  There are seven in this batch.  We butchered nine rabbits and four roosters for the freezer last weekend.  For the amount of food the rabbits eat, they produce a good amount of meat, very economical.

I've been motivated in the garden lately after a lag period.  This is a purple broccoli seedling I planted yesterday.  I've planted red russian kale, red cabbage, cauliflower, spring onions, carrot and beetroot seeds and I've been transplanting all my strawberry runners into a new bed.
I need to add that I for some reason I'm having difficulty commenting on any one's blog (including my own).  So apologies, I'm listening and replying, you just can't hear me!

And now it's time for another cup of tea. 


  1. We are raising more chicks than we need. We won't eat them though. We usually give them to friends who are trying to get started, or sell them at the Flea Market.Haven't got a male rabbit yet.Grandkids are loosing interest and the quail are keeping me plenty busy as it is. They have laid about 40 eggs since they began laying a couple of weeks ago.We are hoping a friend will take some of the eggs to put in his incubator,or we'll have to eat some of them soon.

  2. So nice to take a walk around with you and I hope things are getting back to more "normal" or as much as can be. I think there is a lot of comfort in the ordinary ebb and flow that each day brings. A lot of us (bloggers) have recently switched to Google Chrome as an internet browser as IExp has had lots of issues and it seems to have fixed these problems. I got a cutting wheel and mat and template etc for my birthday last week so I am closer again Ms Lottie.

  3. I am so jealous of your garden. Perth soil - being the poorest in the world - doesn't grow anything, especially not when we're in a drought!! And I agree with Tanya - we've switched to Google Chrome too, although our work portal only works with earlier version of IExp or Mozilla Firefox. So we have all three browsers on our computer!! Big hugs to my niece and nephew! xxoxx

  4. The chooks are loving their new pen by the look of them - heads down and bottoms up, getting stuck in!
    Your grass is very green and lush still. The baby bunnies look gorgeous.
    You've a nice vegie garden coming on - plus dessert with the strawberries... yum.
    Really enjoyed the walkabout with you :D)

  5. Had trouble leaving a comment before, but think I've fixed the problem (by allowing 3rd party cookies).
    Anyway...have you eaten any wild rabbit? If so how does it compare to your farmed rabbit meat?

  6. These bunnies are too cute to be butchered! :)

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  7. Hello I dropped over from Susan's blog this and that.
    I did not realize how much meat would come from just a small amount of rabbit and chickens.
    I love your pics. Take care B


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