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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Still catching up.

So after the wee winter camping holiday there was still a week of school holidays left.  And no time to take a breath because the Hamilton cousins descended on us.  That is my Sister in Law and her three girls aged 8, 6 and 6.  She also brought her Japanese Au Pair with her.  So for the next week we had fluctuating numbers of houseguests as the kids all took turns staying at their Grandparents.

Next bit of chaos was my daughter's fourth birthday.  My little nine pound baby is four years old and I'm having trouble believing it!

Four days old and getting some big brother love.

And now four years old and getting some plastic fantastic Barbie love.

A whale cake for Daycare.

And a fairy toadstool cake for home.
 "What? Two cakes? Are you crazy?" I hear you ask.  Nope, I'm smart.  Having a cake at Daycare constituted a party in her eyes, which lets me off from having a number of small excited children hooning round my house expecting party games! 

It was always a tradition in my family that we got to pick our favourite meal for dinner and I've carried this on with my kids.  Miss Four's pick?  Mince and pasta :-) Gotta love it!

Anyway, after that little busy patch was over I had my own birthday to contend with.  No baking my own cakes or choosing my own special dinner - instead I hightailed it out of there and holed up in a cabin at Camp Waipu Cove for the weekend.  I took a good book, my sewing machine and quilting projects, a bottle of wine and some yummy food.

I walked on the beach each day and spent the rest of my time sewing and reading.  And I felt really refreshed when it was time to come home - my own little retreat.

Today, however, I'm on an enforced go-slow - hence the extra long blog post.  I had day surgery yesterday (don't worry, it was minor, elective girly stuff) but it still required a general anaesthetic (blurg) and I'm a bit sore.  I'm pottering around with the quilting projects I was working on on the weekend and hopefully I'll get some photos to show you where I'm up to.

Ciao for now.


  1. The Waipu Cove weekend sounds like the perfect get-away Charlotte! What is the cost for the weekend stay? (I couldn't find that info on the site)

  2. What a great time you've had, Waipu is so nice.I hope you feel refreshed.

  3. That little one of yours has such a cutie grin. I really like the tradition of choosing your favourite meal too and I bet it is something that they will pass to their children also. Most of us (5) used to opt out of birthday cakes and choose caramel tarts or pecan pie or chocolate blamange. Lovely memories. And a Happy Birthday to you too!

  4. Okay, bad big sister, bad auntie - happy birthday to both of you! Love the cakes - the kids recognised both of them out of the cake books. Blondie has also had a birthday - she chose Stonehenge for her cake and lasagne for her dinner - we keep up that tradition too!!

  5. You are quite the cake decorator sis, something I have just not managed to master. And what a cool way to spend your birthday, I love it! Happy birthday to both of you, and your Blondie Lou, another slack Auntie/sis here....!


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