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Monday, December 12, 2011

Old Maid's Puzzle

A while ago I showed you this pile of fabrics and told you that I was making a simple pieced quilt - suitable for fairly mindless quilting when I'm on night duty and have nothing to do.  So I've been nutting away at it slowly but surely and the other day I was at the stage of laying out all my finished blocks.

These will be eight inches finished.  Spot the Amish mistake block - I'll be unpicking that one, there are enough mistakes in it without a glaring one like that.

I'm really loving the colours and effect, but I've decided it's not big enough.  I've cut out and begun to piece another 15 or so blocks.  That will make it six blocks by six blocks.  With borders, that should be big enough to spread over my king-sized bed.

I'm making more dark with dark blocks and light with light blocks and that should help the colourwash-ish effect when I lay them out again.

One thing I do lack in my corner of the lounge where I sew is a large design wall.  But I find laying it on the floor is ok, especially when I take photos and look at them on the computer screen, things I want to change around become quite obvious.  I guess it's the same as taking ten steps backwards.

How do you lay out your quilts?  What do you use for a design wall if you are lucky enough to have one?


  1. I can't spot the mistake!! I think it looks totally lovely - as ever.

  2. I found it eventually - yes - it did choose it's construction following a different tune to the others (just like children, there is always one) - yet surprisingly it does just blend in with the masses. Very pretty colours, thank goodness there hasn't been a population explosion at the maternity ward!

  3. Spotted! That is the most annoying thing if you ask me. I have a heap of pieces like that - one half one way and almost one half the other way and no spare fabric and it looks terrible together. Thats what happens when you do things in bunches and neglect to check!

    I've used rather a lot as coasters :)

    I just pin things to the wallpaper. I hope to cover that particular wall with something like pinex eventually to make pinning easier so I am ignoring the pin marks (and the bit the rodent control unit used as a scratching post).


    ps hope the email was ok.


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