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Friday, January 27, 2012


It's meant to rain today.  It's not, yet, but I thought I'd show some pictures that show the beautiful spell of summer weather we've been having so far.  My thoughts go to those in Australia dealing with floods at the moment.


  1. I love your photo's, very New Zealand. Don't we live in a great country!
    Enjoy your last few days of the holidays.

  2. Ditto Leeanne...... This morning at 4am I waved goodbye to my 3 teens who are off to PARACHUTE 2012 for the weekend. I am a very happy At-Home-Alone Mama!

  3. I could do with a bit more summer down here - I just had to put my heater on! On the other hand, my first cucumber ever is ready to be picked for my birthday tomorrow :) It is growing up my inside window along with two tomatoes and a capsicum (experimental).

    Nice pics too. It was supposed to rain here too but all we have so far is a very cold wind.

    viv in dunedin

  4. Thank you for comment. I've turned my attention today to starting a very scrappy blue and yellow/mustard quilt. Having lots of stress-free fun!

  5. Lovely pics, we've been having some beaut weather here too. Spent the day at the beach with my boys, seeing as it was nearly 40c. Though by Tuesday it's meant to be down to 20c, so out come the woolies again. Go Melbourne weather.


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