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Sunday, May 12, 2013

WAHOO!!  I found the kids birth certificates!!  There are benefits to sorting / cleaning / organising / decluttering!  

Oh, and Happy Mother's Day - I was taken to lunch and had a fabulous time.  Hope you did too.


  1. teehee.....funny! The perfect day to find them!

  2. oh FABULOUS! Good news, Charlotte..and a Happy Mother's Day to you too {{hugs}}

  3. I'll take your wahoo and raise you a yeehar! Hubby has started to declutter!!!!


  4. Glad you had a lovely Mothers' Day, Charlotte. And great news re the birth certificates.
    About the paperwork problem... I was advised to have one designated spot for 'things coming in that need sorting' place where it always goes...since I've started that, life has been a whole lot simpler and I spend less time hunting for STUFF!!


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