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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The final tweet

Quick update:  The tweety quilt I've been making for a friend is finished.  I won't show the whole thing until it reaches it's destination, but I think this bird is my favourite!

I've been and come back from the Quilt and Craft Fair in Hamilton.  Saw my quilts hanging in the Aotearoa Quilter's annual exhibition - no prizes for me but I sold another of my RED challenge quilts.

I'm now organising to head off to Australia in about a week.  My Dad turns 70 and the family is gathering.  And before I go I have one more quilt to finish.  The top is done, the back is not, wish me luck for a finish!


  1. Love that birdy, reminds me of a pic in a kid's book, can't remember which one though....See ya soon!

  2. Oh yes, very cute! Great news about another sale. Hope you meet your deadlines so you can relax and enjoy your family gathering.

  3. Beautiful little bird, you're so clever!


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