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Monday, November 25, 2013

Further Feathers

After my last post with my feather quilts, my good friend Suz pointed me in the direction of Michele Hill's blog and this post:

It's a post about a textile art exhibition that was held in Michele's town and it includes some beautiful feather quilts by quilt artist Julie Haddrick.

So then I went to the google machine and typed in 'feather quilt'.
Feather Bed Quilt

Look what I found!  This is a quilt kit sold by Anna Marie Horner and you can buy it here.

I obviously live with my head under a rock because there were HEAPS of these feather quilts floating round the interwebbies.  Beautiful, and each version was a little different in it's own way.

Of course I found lots of images of feather free motion quilting and feather duvets (mmm, snuggly), and some lovely bedding with peacock feathers all over it.

Logan & Mason YOLANDA Charcoal Peacock Feather~Quilt Doona Cover Set~QUEEN, KING

There was this beautiful circa 1860 antique quilt for sale at an interesting site called 1stdibs.  I got lost there for a while in the beautiful antique quilts...go look and wonder at the skills of our foremothers.

Red and White Applique Quilt
Feather Mini Quilt_Feather quilting_Modern Applique

And then there was this little beauty from

I believe Amira made it for a mini quilt challenge.  Isn't it a cutie?  She has a nice blog, so hop on over and have a look.

Then, oh my, I found The Magic Feather Project.  Jude Hill started stitching feathers and many people sent there own little stitched feathers to her as a collective stitching project for creative sharing and giving.  She intended to try and put them together for use as a charity project.

504-506 kristin

There is a set of photographs of the feathers on Flikr.  Click here to go and view them, please go, they are SO beautiful.  They are mostly embroidered.  I think I could actually contemplate embroidery if mine ended up looking like these.

And for those who foundation piece (by the way I bow down to you in homage), there is this (scarily intimidating for me) feather block pattern.

Designed by Shape Moth who has a list of jaw-dropping paper pieced patterns that if you are into them, you need to check them out.  She also has tutorials and free patterns on her blog too.

So it seems I'm not the only one who likes feathers...just thought you should know!

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  1. Mmmmm feathers! you can't go wrong with them can you?


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