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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Off on a Quilt Retreat

This weekend I'm retreating.  I'm at a quilt retreat that has a two day class involved.  And it's right up my alley, with discharge using decolourant paste, using stencils and a bit of paint.  Our tutor is Jaqui Karl and she's doing a great job of encouraging us to try new things.

Above is my bits and pieces while I tried out different arrangements.  And below is quilting in progress. Apologies for hideous photos and a weird blog post but I'm using the Blogger ap.  have to make do when you're out and about.  

Now I'm off to have a glass of wine and some dinner.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Have a great weekend, lucky you!

  2. Love what you have done with the discharging technique and hope you enjoyed your weekend and your glass of wine!

  3. Great to catch up over the weekend. All the best with the big move :-)

  4. Hope the rest of your weekend went well, Charlotte. Sure looks like you were having a great time playing.

  5. These look great!, on their own and together.


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