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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Purple 12 x 12 Finished

I've named my purple 12 x 12 challenge entry 'Cerego' as reference to it being my first piece finished since moving onto our boat.  The deadline for these quilts isn't until November 20th, so I think I may start another one.

I'm feeling a little down that I won't be entering anything into the Symposium exhibition this time around.  It's ok, I consciously decided to give myself absolutely no pressure so I could cope with the moving and settling in process, but it's still a bit of a regret.  Stitching and sending off a couple of purple quilts may go some way to soothing my feelings.  These challenge quilts are not juried, so all are displayed, and they make a fabulous colourful display.

You also don't have to be a member of Aotearoa Quilters to enter (although I'd encourage you to join, I think it's important we support our national guild).  And there is a $300 prize sponsored by Quiltmania and several other prizes sponsored by Wrights Fabric.  Does that get you interested?  Click here for more details.  I'd love to see your quilt hanging next to mine!


  1. Hi, Charlotte,
    As proof that people DO read blogs, I read your comment on Wen's blog, then clicked to read both your blogs--fascinated to learn of the Dress A Girl program, and now to find out about your life aboard a boat. I see that it's already tomorrow where you live, but I love having friendships all over the world and enjoying our shared love of quilts and fiber art. I follow blogs through Microsoft Feeds but I know there are many blog aggregators and we have to find the one that suits us. I write my blog a couple of times a week and sometimes mention it on the QA list, but not always. I know when I do, it gets increased traffic but not necessarily comments. When I mention a blog post on FB, there are FB comments but not necessarily blog readers. That's all okay, because I write more as a journal to record my quilts, my thoughts, my kitties, and to share these with friends and family, whether they see them or not. We live a world away, and I am old enough to be your mother or grandmother, but we still have lots in common. So, glad to meet you!
    BTW, I love your purple improv quilt!
    Martha Ginn

  2. fabulous little finish, I like the wood grain effect. Next year will be here before you can BOO.......I am sure you will be up and running by then.

  3. It's beautiful! Glad you had a finish!!

  4. Very symbolic - I can see the imagery from some of your boat photos, even the wood grain effect is somewhat watery... and the piecing highlighting some of the skills picked up in recent, and not so recent workshops. Wonderful.

  5. Absolutely love this 12 x 12 for the Challenge!

  6. Congratulations on your first Cerego finish! Such an appealing piece and I love the colouring!

  7. looking good - I've got mine started just need to get on and finish it. I'm not sure I can overachieve with 2 :-)

  8. This quilt is absolutely wonderful. And as always the quilting exquisite.


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