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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Podcast - Interview with Kerryn Walker, Quilt Shop Owner

Back in January, I visited Kerryn Walker at her quilt shop, The Country Yard.  Although it's about an hour's drive from me, I consider it one of my local quilt stores (LQS).  That's what you get when you live rurally!

Kerryn and her staff are incredibly helpful and supportive to quilters.  They run stitching days and plenty of classes.  They also have interesting block of the months and challenges.  And of course, they have lots of beautiful fabric, threads and notions!

Suz, from 'All The Good Ones Are Taken' blog, is taking part in one of The Country Yard's monthly mystery projects called Medallion Mystery.  Her first post about it is here, and she just told me she's finished the first block so hopefully will be posting more about it soon.

Relics Month 5
One of the blocks from 2014 Mystery Stitchery, Relics of Yesteryear
Kerryn was generous with her time and let me interview her for my podcast.  We chatted about her journey in quilting, how she came to be a quilt shop owner and what plans she has brewing for the future.  I had fun and learnt a lot so I hope you'll find it an interesting listen.

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  1. Awesome Podcast Charlotte! it was nice re -hearing Kerryn's story of how she started the shop. Such a cool place to go and call it work! and it always makes me smile when I see people enjoying themselves there.


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