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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Consolidation revisited

Back in February I mused on what I wanted from this year.  Now it's May, Autumn is heading for Winter fast, and I thought it might be time to revisit that blog post and see where I'm at.

My word for this year was consolidation.  And here's what I said back in February:
"I want to settle into this boat life and make it work for us.  I want to strengthen my quilt making and further develop my own style and way of working.  I want to gather my far-flung quilting supplies and fabrics and make an effective working space here on MV Cerego.  I just want to settle in and stabilise ourselves in all respects before we stretch our wings any further.  
So no goals or resolutions for me.  Just a word to remember (before I get excited and hare brained about anything new and shiny)."
So how's it working out for me?  

As for family and boat life, I think we've really settled in well.  In fact it's coming up nine months that we've lived here and I'm not regretting it yet!  The weather has cooled down and we've had some rainy days but, so far, so good.  The boat is becoming more and more sorted with every weekend - bookshelves get put up, deck wash pumps get wired in, little leaks get fixed - it's really becoming a home.

Flashback: what the kid's cabins looked like when we first bought Cerego.
I've got a daily routine going.  It had to change a lot.  Back in our house I could sew in the evenings but here I can't because of noise and kids sleeping etc.  So I try to do a lot more sewing during the day.  Evenings are for dishes (no dishwasher!), computer work and husband socialisation.  We talk more now - that can't be a bad thing right?!

We haven't bought any houses/boats/businesses so we are pretty stable in that respect.  Husband's businesses keep him pretty busy, but living five minutes away has helped the stress levels and made it easier with combining my work, his work and kid duties.

And I don't think I've been distracted by anything new and shiny (except Instagram - I caved and signed up, I'm madquiltlady there if you want to find me).  

The kids are doing their kid things.  It makes it easier living close to the school.  Sports and lessons need less driving and less organisation, and they can be more independent.  I've noticed big gains in their maturity.

So yes, I feel settled.  We've slowed down and kept new projects to a minimum and we're reaping the benefits of such a big life change.

That's it for consolidating the life side of things.  I'll write more about the quilting side of things another day.


  1. Sounds like you are on track.

  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed following your blogs and podcast(where I first found you prior to your move onto the boat) Love your interviews and seeing your incredible handiwork Thx for sharing with us. Stay warm!!
    Mary Lou in OK

  3. Pleased to read all your positives in this post!

  4. Looks like the boating life suits you well :) Art school is wonderful......but I think I've turned into a painter! How weird is that....


  5. Sounds great Charlotte. Happy days to you.


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