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Friday, July 31, 2015

Egretta novaehollandiae (white faced heron)

At night time, there is a white faced heron (or maybe more than one) who hangs out on the teeny beach that is squeezed between the Opua General Store and the wharf.  He or she (they aren't easy to tell apart) fishes in the light cast from the street lamps that line the wharf.

I spot him sitting on the poles that were historically used to careen boats, or stalking silently and measured through the shallows, or hear him croak as he flaps slowly off when we have surprised him as we walk the dog.

And so, herons are influencing my work more than a little lately.  They are making their graceful, watchful way onto my design wall.

This smaller work is 12" x 24" and is titled 'With Little Noise'.  It's named so because the time of night I usually see my fishing friend is that quiet time when the car ferry has stopped, the streets are dark and everybody else is in the warm and light inside.

I've tried to convey that dark, restful aesthetic with this piece.  The simplicity of it reminds me a little of Japanese work.

The grey ombre fabric, the stems and the binding are my hand-dyed fabric, the rest are commercial batiks and a commercial solid.

And as always, I'd love to hear your feedback and what the quilt makes you think and feel.


  1. I really like that. The mood says it all really.

    I put up my first ever display i the polytech art gallery this week for some critical thoughts from other students. Interesting stuff. Starts with cold reading by all for 20 mins followed by 10 mins of input by the artist including q & a/discussion/explanation/suggested ways forward etc. Very informative. Will post photos of this shortly :)


  2. I get the feeling of awe that I feel whenever seeing a bird such as a heron in flight. You did a wonderful job of interpreting the top photo. I especially like your choice of making the background with that plain black piece on the left instead of just the grey. Adds more interest.
    BUT I am looking at that second close up photo and thinking you must do a quilt of that one. I for one would love to tackle a close up. I've been into close up birds lately. Would you mind if I used your photo for my inspirational heron quilt? You can message me yay or nay and understand if it's nay - it's ok :-)

  3. I feel peaceful looking at this. My favorite color is blue and I find it soothing. Great work, Charlotte.

  4. Hi, it takes me back to my childhood, and watching the herons alight ion the pine trees on our farm in the BOP. Such innocent times.

  5. beautiful bird, so big yet elegant. Another lovely piece.


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