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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Who do you want as a podcast guest?

I've been podcasting for more than a year now.  I started with just talking about myself and my quilting journey.  Then as I warmed into it and became more confident I began interviewing others - my patient friends were my first guinea pigs!

The people I've been interviewing have all been face to face, but I've finally got around to figuring out how to record Skype calls with a quality satisfactory enough to put on the podcast.  So now I want to hear from you!

Photo by Olu Eletu via Unsplash

I want to know - who would you like me to interview?  I'm particularly interested in Southern Hemisphere quilters, textile artists, makers and stitchers, but I'm open to any suggestions you come up with.

Please have a think and give me a name or two - and pass this along to your friends for their ideas too.

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  1. I have enjoyed listening to all the folk that you have interviewed. Since I live in Scotland I only know the names of well known Australian and NZ quilters and I suspect many of your listeners have probably heard them being interviewed several times. The only Kiwi I know at the moment is Sarah Jane Caldwell who works for Bernina but lives in Switzerland with her family.


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