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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Interview with Annie White - Podcast

Annie with her Klimt Kiss quilt.
I first met Annie White at a workshop in Auckland.  It was run by Hollis Chatelain and Annie, her sister Mary, and I were attending to learn how to paint on fabric with thickened dyes.  I've met Annie again several times and watched her quilting star rise, so it was lovely to have a good chat with her about her unusual quilts, her creative practice and how she fits quilting into a busy life as a teacher librarian.

Annie professes to getting bored easily and wanting to try many different techniques.  Her white textured quilts (above is 'Korowai Ma' and you can read more about the making of it here) show a willingness to take risks and experiment with shape and form till she gets it right.

This photo shows the underside of the petals of 'Korowai Ma'.  You can see the multicoloured fabric and the cording that we talk about in the podcast.

You can see Annie's first white quilt called 'White on White' here, as a prizewinner at the Auckland Festival of Quilts 2013.

Annie has a blog that she shares with her sister, Mary, called Two Sewing Sisters.  She writes here about her processes and about her life, although she admits to finding it difficult to update regularly with her busy working schedule.  If you head on over, you will find more photographs of the quilts we talk about, such as 'Songlines', Annie's quilt that was selected for the travelling textile exhibition, 'A Matter of Time', curated by Brenda Gael Smith

Annie also had a work selected for the previous exhibition curated by Brenda, called 'Living Colour'. This work was titled 'Unfurling'.

Annie has also had work in the Dorothy Collard Challenge run by The Auckland Quilt Guild, and you can see her prize winning quilts here and here.

It was a pleasure to talk to Annie about her life here in New Zealand, her connections to Australia and how she translates her stories into fabric and thread.  I hope you enjoy listening.


  1. Fantastic interview! I did detect a difference in your accents. I thought Annie's was more British. What I have liked about your voice and that of all of your interviewees is that you speak softer than North Americans. Very nice to listen to. But I do have to focus because of the different pronunciations. And sometimes the different words. For example, you and Annie talked about "bagging" the petals. What is that?

    1. Hi Colleen, Iteresting to hear your comments on our accents because to me I don't have an accent at all, everyone else does!
      Bagging or bagging out means each petal had it's right sides sewn together then turned inside out so it was like a little bag before it was sewn into the quilt top. Mope that makes sense.
      Regards, Charlotte

  2. I saw the piece, Korowai Ma, and it is amazing. Thanks for the side view. There was no white glove lady so it is great to see a bit of the underside.

    If one wins two awards is one a professional forever or does that 'professional' status expire. I am asking specifically because what if you have a good run and then don't win anything for 10 years?

    I am interested in the non-English names. Do you all learn the Maori/NZ language (sorry I don't know the correct term) in school? Or teach yourselves or some other way?

    I hear differences in the way you speak, but I don't know if either of you sounds more NZ or more Aussie since I don't know what a 'normal' (??) NZ accent sounds like.

    Great podcast!


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