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Sunday, June 11, 2017

The NZ Quilt Show - Cait McLennan Whyte, Editor of Fabricate Magazine

In September 2016, a brand new magazine was launched in New Zealand.  Titled Fabricate, it showcases the textile arts scene in NZ.  There is news of upcoming events, profiles of artists and artisans, reviews of exhibitions – anything to do with textiles and stitch.  The creator and editor of the magazine is Cait McLennan Whyte and I was super excited to have her on the show so we could learn more about her, her story and the story of Fabricate and what we might see from Fabricate in the future.    

Photo credit: Ponsonby News

Cait gives us the story of Fabricate - from an idea that she ruminated on for quite a while to the beautiful magazine that has now had three issues published, with another heading to the printers any day.

We discuss how textile arts fit into the world of fine arts, how much there is to discover about the textile arts scene in New Zealand and how Cait wants her magazine to 'join the dots' for people interested in fibre and textile arts across the whole scene.

Cait gives us her thoughts on why she went with a print only (at this stage) magazine in what some may consider a brave move in the digital focused publishing world, and how she plans to be a sustainable business.

We mention The New Zealand Fashion Museum and you can see the dress Cait 'lent' to them here.

Cait also mentions an upcoming exhibition of Maureen Lander's work at the Dowse, find info here

Please take the time to listen to this chat, I found it a really interesting conversation and I think you will too.  You can get podcast listening apps for both Android and Apple phones and tablets, and then in the apps you search for The New Zealand Quilt Show or The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady and hit subscribe.  Once you've done that, every new episode will automatically turn up in your app without you having to search for it.

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If you'd like to subscribe to Fabricate and you haven't seen it in your local magazine stand, send Cait an email at the email address above.

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  1. Loved your podcast Charlotte - what a fascinating journey with Cait. I learnt heaps listening about the textile art world in NZ and who knew about Captain Cook's embroidered vests? :-) I always find the NZ history aspect interesting as well - Cait is right - textiles were an integral part of everyday life in the 50's 60's 70's - everyone sewed - great to see such a resurgence now. Enjoyed listening!

    1. Hi Mary, Thanks for you lovely comments, so glad you enjoyed the podcast. Cait was a great interviewee!


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