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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Adding to the Fabric Stash

I'm not a big one for buying fabric.  I used to be and, probably like all beginner quilters, I was pretty indiscriminate, buying anything and everything, especially if it was on sale.

Now I make a lot of the fabric I use in my art - usually hand-dyeing and sometimes painting.  And I've culled my commercial stash over time down to fabrics that still appeal.  I use them to make more traditional quilts, gifts, or functional items.  But I still add to the hoard from time to time when something particularly calls my name.  After all, I still love a beautiful fabric!

One of my quilting BFF's and I took a trip to two of our closest quilt shops (an hour long drive) recently when I had to get my machine serviced.  Of course we browsed and of course I heard the siren call of some fabrics.

I think a lot of them are Alison Glass (but they are fat quarters so the selvedges are not always complete), there's a Moda Grunge fabric and the yellow flower print is a beautiful linen.

The Alison Glass fabrics caught my eye first and then I pulled fabrics to fit in with them, then added to the collection from the second shop.  Playing with fabrics can sometimes take me hours, but this pile only took about 30 minutes to finalise.  Something about it worked right from the beginning.

And now I have to find or design a pattern to use them with.  I've been looking at the quilt currently spread on our bed and thinking that it's time to change it up a little, and this collection will be perfect, as long as I can come up with the right quilt design.  Something that makes the most of the fabrics.

So, does anyone have any suggestions?  I'm currently thinking 60 degree triangles, with some triangles big and some made of several smaller ones - varying sizes but all fitting together - if that makes sense.  But if anyone has any other brilliant suggestions - let me know!

Meanwhile, if you need me, I'll be petting my new fabrics.....


  1. Fabric colour choice is gorgeous Charlotte. Take a look on Pinterest for some ideas. I have seen triangle ones as you describe that also use a base colour (black,white,grey etc) in some of the small triangles to help set off the colours. Good luck look forward to seeing the finished quilt.

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  3. MMMMmmmmmmm yumo! My stash is overflowing, but with fabrics that I don't really fancy much any more. I love Alison Glass fabrics.......have fun choosing something to make with these fabulous fabrics.........or you can just pet them :-)

  4. Oh yes, those colours just sing together! I do have a few Alison Glass fabrics and find they're lovely to work with. Good lick with the decision re the quilt!!

  5. Great fabrics! I didn't use to be an Alison Glass fan, but she's won me over recently and I bought a similar collection earlier in the year. I hope you come up with a good pattern to make.

  6. I saw a EPP block that used very similar colours and fabrics, and you know I am so not an EPP enthusiast,but I could quite imagine you tackling such a project.


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