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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Quilty friends and a quick survey

There's this thing that most quilters do.  We get together in groups and we sit and stitch and talk and drink cups of tea and help each other out with patterns and discuss layouts and talk about our families and so on and so on.  You know what we are really doing?  We are building community and providing support.

Some of my favourite quilty friends!

I'm pretty passionate about this side of quilting and I've been thinking about it a lot lately.  I've been invited to speak at the Aotearoa Quilters gathering in Palmerston North on 4th and 5th of August (mark your calendars!) and, whilst no final topic has been chosen, this is one of the ideas I've been mulling over.

So to help me form my ideas and give me some concrete statistics, I put together a little survey.  It would really help me out if you could take a minute to complete these 10 questions for me.  And it really will only take a maximum of two minutes!  I'd prefer to get most of my results from NZ quilters, seeing as this will be most relevant to me, but thank you to those few overseas quilters who I know have already answered!

Create your own user feedback survey

Thanks so much for your time, now go and stitch something and call up that quilty friend of yours and invite them round to stitch too!



  1. Interesting survey, I took part, I hope it helps.

  2. My masters exhibition is up :) Oral exam on Friday morning!!!


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