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Sunday, February 3, 2019

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Goal setting.  I personally find that I can't do it early in January - no serious New Year's resolutions for me - I'm too busy holidaying.  But then, within a week or two, my mind naturally turns to what I want to achieve in the coming months.

I've been doing lots of work towards getting myself sorted, and then all of a sudden it's February!

This year I've gone back to a paper planner in a serious way.  I've dallied with digital, love the idea, but it's just not as tangible as paper, not as flickable through.  I still use my digital calendar because it goes across all my devices and it's quick to refer to.  But for planning out my days and weeks and months, my goals and progress, it's me and my planner.

When you flick through it, this is how it's organised:

  • A whole year-on-one-page calendar.
  • A master to-do list.
  • Months, each one having a month-on-one-page calendar, then a monthly overview planner, a monthly habit checker page and then a page-per-day daily plan.
  • After the months I have a tab for goals, with each major goal having a page where it's broken down into steps and dates etc.
  • I have a tab for midwifery work, with pages for booked locum dates, mileage, visit schedules etc.
  • Next is my quilts section.  In there I have a year over two pages with dates of speaking engagements, travel, quilt show deadlines etc.  I have also decided to list my WIP's and the steps I need to do to complete them (22 of them at this stage, and that's after doing a Marie Kondo on my pile and discarding a heap that 'didn't spark joy'!)
  • And lastly, notes pages, which are mainly blank pages for jotting down inspiration when it strikes.
I've used printables from Printed Pineapple, Elena's Papers, and Evy Draws, all found on Etsy.

I've also inserted a few inspirational quotes here and there to make it prettier and hopefully become part of my positive inner talk that I'm trying to nurture.  The quote you can almost make out in the picture above says,

"We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day."  
-Richard G. Scott

And I want to be an organised person that has a handle on what's happening today and also what's happening in two months time.

What organisational tools do you use?


  1. At the moment my organisational tools are bits of paper stuck on the cubbies by my computer!!! I must sit down - probably for a whole day - and work out a timetable, I achieve more by working this way.

  2. Well, I'm pleased to report that all of my wips still spark joy! Good luck with the planning!


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