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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hey Chick. Wanna see my......rabbit! ;)

New Editions to WindyHill Farm.

(I'm trying out the name. I feel like we need a name. We live on a hill. And it's windy. I'm all for the literal! Let me know what you think.)

Yesterday, on my way to Quilting (no I didn't whip any WIP's completely, but I did lightly smack one's bottom).

Sorry, I keep getting distracted.

So yesterday, I picked up Riley.

Riley the Rabbit. Named becasue he is going to lead the life of. He, and I'm pretty sure he's a he, is our stud buck. And now all he needs is some lady loves to get the party started.

What do you think of his mansion? One half of the couple I bought him off happens to be a convinient!

Then we have a dozen new chicks. The two above are Silver Campines. I'll be selling these. Even though they are stunning when grown, I want to specialise in other breeds .

These are Houdans, who look like this when they grow up! (Check out the link for some really good chicken laughs!). But for all their foofy looks they are meant to be brill little layers. And they certainly hatched well. I also have an Araucana, two Faverolles and a Barnevelder.

And these are two of the three new Light Sussex Ladies, who are not only pretty but they are also leaving my some lovely eggs. (See the deep bed litter they're on?)
And then I have some more newbies coming...but, more on those later.


  1. You are gathering quite a menagerie!! Riley is gorgeous. I love the name Windy Hill - sounds very apt.

  2. cute bunny!
    I LOVE the chicks!
    where did you get them, did you hatch them yourself? I'm looking to get some more rare breeds - I have a lot of NHR's and only 4 Minorcas, so I want more colours. If the silver campines are girlies I'll buy them if you still need someone.

  3. Love the name Windy Hill. Love the rabbit. Love the chicks. And love the projects in your last post, too!

  4. Laura - If only I could sex chicks, life would be easier! Fingers crossed the silver campines turn out to be girls - I'll hold them for you.

    Those eggs came from a woman down Hastings way who trades as Maisy1 on Trademe - but she doesn't have anything listed at the moment. And I hatched them in my incubator. Lots of fun.

    And thanks everyone for the name comments. Now to choose:
    Windy Hill, WindyHill or Windyhill? (And ironically it's blowing a howling gale here today!)

  5. I've always been scared to try the incubator way - it seems incredibly complicated.
    Thanks! I'd love to buy them. Just can't have another boy as I have a got roo already and I do love him! Got to find homes for the three NHR boys that I have just now from Maude's babies. If you hear of anyone...
    thanks xx


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