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Friday, February 12, 2010


is what I call the ducks with. To distinguish from, "Chook, chook, here chooky-chook." Which is obviously for the chickens.

Although Mama Black Hen now responds to both. I think she's a little concerned. Her babies are only a month old, yet they are almost bigger than her.

And they don't fly. And their feet make flappy sounds when they walk, sorry, waddle.

Her babies also have a strange fascination with water. They drink alot. And they squirt it through their nostrils.

In fact they'll put their whole heads under water.

Ducklings are funny. But I don't think Mama Black Hen is amused.


  1. Awwwww. I always love the images of your farm life.

  2. Oh that poor confused hen!! Gorgeous ducks though...

  3. They are very cute ducklings.

    Ohhhh..that poor little mother hen..

  4. Don't be too concerned about Mama Black Hen - now she's abandoning maternal duties, but that means she gets to dally with the rooster ....!


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