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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Work Finished Thursday

On my Wednesday quilting night I finished the binding on this little quilt. Yay! Now just a label, a wash, and off it can go in the post to the wee baby of a friend.

I was able to use some leftover binding I had from the last quilt I made too, I just had to add another couple of pieces from my scrap stash - very frugal.

I think I'll name it 'Sunshine and Icecreams'.

Hmmm, I really need to practice taking phtos of quilts. They are tricky things.
Now, on to the next W.I.P.


  1. You are so talented!!! The block on the bottom left just reminds me so of NZ... The big waves of the Tasman Sea & the lil' swirlies look like Koru. :-)

  2. Thanks everyone, you're too kind. I must say that the crab block was designed by my quilting friend, isn't it great?

  3. Wow, that is just gorgeous! As always, I must say. And the name is perfect!


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