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Monday, April 26, 2010


I started this blog a whole year ago today. Wow! Here is my first ever post word for word:

"Ok, so I mainly created this so I could comment on other people's blogs. I'm what I would call 'computer literate' but certainly not 'computer savvy', meaning I can turn the thing on, buy things on Trademe (!) and read blogs. But posting links, making my own blog....well, that's all new to me, so 'scuse me if I look a little dense sometimes! "

That was it, my entire post. And whilst I may have created the blog mainly to comment on others (not knowing then that I could just create a profile and comment), I have totally fallen for the bloggy world.

I used to watch TV in the evenings. Not much, but a few shows and documentaries here and there. Now I can't remember the last time I watched it. I'd much rather spend that time reading other people's blogs. I guess if television only featured shows on quilting, farming, homesteading....I'd be watching that instead.

When it all gets too hard, I lock the kids in a cage and go hang out on the net.

Blogging lets me blab on without worrying too much about what I say. It's allowed me to sort out my thoughts, to vent, to diary what's happening and look back on it. I've made friends I've never met. It lets me stay current with my family - complete with photos. And most of all, it has let me learn so, so much.

Someone asked me recently how I knew "all this stuff"? We were talking about gardening and chickens (and trust me, I am NOT an expert). I didn't really know how to answer because I'd never thought about it until then. But now, after a bit of reflection, I've realised that I've totally indulged my interests through the net and that's helped me pick up so much knowledge. The net lets me check out forums, blogs and sites where I can learn whatever I like. I can read about a book and put it on hold at my library with a few mouse clicks. I can ask questions of fellow bloggers and I can find how-to's on just about anything at all.

So, really, what I'm trying to say on my one-year anniversary is:

Thank - you!

Bloggy world, internet, and fellow bloggers - you are the best!


  1. Congrats on the Blogaversary! I enjoy your blog so very much. Glad you are here & loving the blogging. I enjoy your sense of humor, too!

    Now about that cage... Can I order a teenage-sized one for my kiddos? ;-)

  2. We love watching your life unfold and seeing photos of our gorgeous niece and nephew. It helps us feel connected when we're so far away. Love the cage - do you have one that fits three?!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing with us! I am quite envious of you and your family and lifestyle. If I were 30 years younger, I would do the same. I would want my babies to be there and not only experience the living in the country but to live with a mommy who was happier then the average mommy! Please don't ever stop sharing, you have an avid audience. Congrats on your anniversary. Now, if you were to email your address to me, I have a small envelope of some batik scraps to share with you, thanks, Elaine

  4. Congratulations! I had a book published on my first 80 blogs. It is wonderful. I'd recommend that to everyone. I'm so proud of my blog. I can't talk about it enough. To some it may not be much, but to me, I love seeing it in print.Something to leave behind for others to remember our lives, down the road, when we're no longer here.

  5. Happy bloggerversary Ms Lottie!!

    I had to laugh at the pic of kids in the cage...I have one very similiar! :-)

  6. Thanks everyone! Your comments make me all fuzzy and warm inside.

    Sawn61 - that's a great idea about the book, I've thought about it, but now I know someone who's done it and is happy with it...maybe for Christmas.

    Elaine - I'll be emailing you soon. Thanks so much!

    And everyone, my husband says he can make cages in any size you like - he does a special noise proof one too ;)

  7. congrats Ms Lottie!
    well done & heres to many more blog anniversaries.

  8. Yay! Happy Anniversary and Thank you for your blog x

  9. Oooh, I'll take the noise proof variety thanks! Congrats on a year, girlie!

  10. Happy blogiversary! I'm also totally hooked. May there be many many many more years of happy bloginess to come x x

  11. her, here!
    i LOVE the photo and caption. hilarious. everyone needs a kid-cage.

  12. Congratulations!!! Isn't the blog/internet world such a wonderful (sometimes too addictive and quite strange!) place?! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your child minding practices - we often use the packing boxes to similar effect! x


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