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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chaos at my house.

School holidays have been keeping me busy. How on earth home-schooling Mama's and Mama's who don't use daycare survive, I just don't know! Mind you, I haven't a husband presently. He's taken his testosterone and gone to shoot red deer somewhere (I'm not 100% sure where, and I'm not 100% sure when he'll be back either). I've also had a niece for two nights and then later the whole package of aunty and three nieces for another two nights.

The cheeky redhead is the niece who came to stay and is also turning seven very shortly. She gave me the ultimate compliment about my carrots, "They taste MUCH better than the supermarket ones!"

To cut a long story short - I'm apologising for my lack of blogging lately (I know you all wait with bated breath!).

But last night I had complete silence for a couple of hours after the children went to bed and today it's just me and my two, so I'm feeling a little less stressed and I'm actually accomplishing a few things.

We're baking a huge dairy-free chocolate cake for the birthday of one of the above nieces. If it turns out to be a good recipe I'll post it here. We're also hanging around waiting for the water truck to arrive (I said the morning - earlier the better - and it's now 1.30pm!). I've finally had to buy water, even though it's showering today, it's just not enough. I'm intermittently working on a few WIP's; my mother-in-law's batik quilt, and a pillowcase birthday present for that said niece again.

I'll be back again soon, I've got lots to blog about. See you later!


  1. LOL at the carrot! We grow our own too and Saxon proudly tells everyone that any carrot he's eating is a 'home grown carrot'! So funny when he is eating a supermarket one and it's huge, i just let DH take the credit most times hahah

  2. We love our home-grown vegies much nicer and fresher than shop bought.

    I'm not sure how home-schoolers do it either..I'm sure they must be mad...LOL!


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