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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

That's my boy

Yay!  The first visit from the tooth fairy.  I must admit; I was drifting off to sleep when I was suddenly snapped awake with the thought, "I FORGOT THE TOOTH FAIRY!"  Yoiks!  That was crushing disappointment narrowly avoided.

First handwritten Father Christmas letter.  He just kills me with his sweetness sometimes.  And makes me laugh at his very basic wants.  I'm sure we can organise some chocolate.

First portrait shot taken by his younger sister.  Not too bad - I think she catches his goofiness perfectly!


  1. kids, gotta love them, mmmm chocolate mmmm

  2. Nice photos :) Mine wanted swimming lessons this year :) Nice and easy. We didn't get to the tooth fairy until she was pretty much done and dusted.

    Teeth last forever round here and they were both around 9 when the first tooth finally gave way :( So it was -I lost a tooth, you owe me a dollar! Finally! Yay!!

    viv in dunedin

  3. Funnily enough, my kids remember the chocolate they were given last year for Xmas, not the toys or anything else! Makes me wonder why I don't just give them chocolate, and spend the money I have saved on fabric...

  4. Hehe, yep, my eldest still remembers the tic tacs he had in his stocking last year, I don't think he remembers anything else.

    We have a loose tooth here too, the same one I think, it's not moving fast though.

  5. Yep - we have requests for chocolate money too (although any kind of chocolate would do). Master FJ has two more wobbly teeth - either side of the last ones that came out. A race to see which comes first, Santa or the Tooth Fairy!


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