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Friday, December 10, 2010

This is on my mind...

The final layout of my Father in Law's quilt.  I get to stage sometimes where I can't see the wood for the trees, I've looked at a quilt so long that I can't see what I'm seeing anymore and one layout looks the same as another, nothing stands out as wrong or everything stands out as wrong.  Occasionally it makes me want to put the whole thing in a box and start over.  (I must have done that a few times, that's where WIP's come from!)

So which one do I choose?  And I must make up my mind soon because I've imposed a deadline on myself by deciding that this is going to be a Christmas present.

Do I choose this one?  Or this one?  What about this one?  Can anyone see the differences?

You can find out what's on other peoples minds over at Rhonda's blog, Down to Earth.
Now, I think there is an apostrophe missing in that sentence above - where are your high school english teachers when you need them?


  1. Hi ms lottie,
    Yes, can see the differences and, for what it's worth, the very last one jumped out as my favourite arrangement. Now, I'm no expert, never quilted in my life.... I just know what I like and I do admire all your hard work.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. The Friday feature is a good idea isn't it.
    Cheers :D
    p.s. just love your blogname!

  2. The last one jumped out me too sis, I think that white pukeko you had there throws off the balance a bit. Or something, lol. I like having that corner darker.

  3. But I might also be inclined to move the hog back to the middle, so he's not facing off the edge and away. Not helpful, am I? :)

  4. 2nd last or last. Both look more balanced than the others. I do like the green through the middle.

    Would love to see it for real :)

    viv in dunedin

  5. I tend to agree with Miss Cat. Second to last one and try maybe swapping boar with kiwi? Oh and thanks - didn't mean to make you cry but I'm glad you read it - that's me with my soul bared.

  6. Oh My Word ~~I could never decide, sorry I'm no help, but all look GREAT to me..

  7. primary teacher to the rescue - I remember it like this-
    The minds of other people - so peoples has an apostrophe s - people's.

    I like the second last one too

  8. I have to say I like the very last layout best...seems to have the best balance of lights and darks. I found you through Rhonda's blog:)

  9. The only difference between last and second last to me it the dark backing on the bird in the bottom left corner. I like both of them. It will be a great gift.

    Thanks for taking part.

  10. I like the green background on the gun block, and the light background with the pukeko. BUT, the punga and the tui? (displaying both my shocking memory and complete lack of knowledge of native flora and fauna) both have very dark looking backgrounds in the photo - and it just seems very dark up the right hand side. Adding something with a lighter background on that side would balance the light background on the left. If it can wait, bring it on Tuesday??

  11. Lovely quilt! I think the second to last one is the best but I'd be inclined to swap the placement of the rifle with the two squares below it. Move them up and move the rifle down. :)

  12. The last one is best, sew it quick so you don't change your mind!


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