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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We wish you.....

a Merry Christmas, a safe holiday, a happy and relaxed time.

It's the second day of school holidays for me and I have two kiddies at home.  The shed kit has arrived and we are waiting on builders to start.  It hasn't rained for six weeks or so and then yesterday it poured.....hmmmm, dust or mud, what a choice!  We're going camping soon and I'm totally unorganised.  And I still haven't finished my Father-in-Law's quilt.

But thank you all for your suggestions with layouts in my last post.  I changed a few things round again, and am much happier with it.  It's all sewn together and basted and now I need to quilt it.  I promise I'll show a picture of it when it's finished.

Apart from that picture though, I'm taking a bloggy break.  It's all a bit crazy here and I want to enjoy the Christmas period, not stress through it.  So lessening a few of my commitments makes sense.

I'll see you all again in January.

Please take care of yourselves.



  1. hope you have a lovely camping holiday. Do you have enough tents? We have spare if you need more.
    Did you and Pip decide to give the felting thing a miss - sounds like you have enough on!!


  2. Have a great time camping with the family - close and extended! We have one more day till school holidays and then we will slowly get ready for Christmas.

  3. I have lessened my stress,too, by selling my last goat. One less responsibility for me.More time to spend on crafting for Christmas.I love the cards. I have been thinking of having the grandchildren to make many card faces, and I can pick and choose which ones I want to make into cards for the holidays. They made cards from their art as a school project, so we got a few of each to hand out to special family members.Happy Holidays to you and yours from Ky.

  4. Hi, I just dropped by to read some more of your blog. Enjoy your break and Happy New Year :)


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