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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hazards of dyeing.

I did a little more dyeing today.  I'm trying to use up what seems like never-ending squeezy bottles of dye concentrates.  I bought seven colours and made these up into 1 cup (250ml) solutions.  I also made up a couple of greens and a dark purple.  I've dyed more than 12 metres of fabric in slightly bigger than fat quarter sized bits.  And I'm starting to get over it!  But finally I've only got a bit of fuchsia and the dark purple left and that's it.  No more dyeing for a week or two.

And I'm guessing I had a hole in my gloves.


  1. One of my best pieces was from 'left overs'. My worst piece was the one I carefully planned :) Go figure! BTW interesting hands are a given when dyeing - there is always a hole no matter what :)


  2. At first glance I thought that was an interesting bruise!


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