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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Onwards and Upwards

Well, I got a disappointing email from the Beneath the Southern Skies convener - my quilt was not picked for the exhibition.  There were 71 entries and 30 were picked so I'm looking forward to seeing the final cut.  Not to worry, I have a place picked out on my wall for my piece "I don't feel lonely".  And I'm moving on to the next quilt!

'Scuse the toes!
This is the start of my next 'art' quilt.  I have a bit of a plan, but not sure how it will develop as I go along.  This is a Nikau frond, painted onto white fabric and I plan to cut it out and applique it.  We'll see how it works!

The front.
The quilting shows best on the back.
I've also been working on this quilt.  It should have been added to my WIP round up the other day, but I totally forgot I had it until I was rummaging around for something else.  The sampler blocks were from my very first quilting class.  Halfway through I decided I hated the colours so remade the blocks I'd done in colours I liked.  Then of course these ones have sat around for seven (!) years.  Now that I've sashed and bordered them I quite like them.  I've got to tie in a few threads and bind it and then it will be off to Quilts for Kids for a little person who really needs it.

School started yesterday and my boy had a great first day back - long may it continue as he isn't known for his attention span in class ;)  We spent our last day of holidays (Monday as it was a public holiday) out in the bay on the boat.  Just stunning weather and all round good fun.


  1. Bums your quilt did not make it, but at least you are moving on and there is always next time!
    neat sampler quilt, your quilting looks great. You are giving it away to a great cause.Have you painted the Nikau frond? Or screen printed?
    My lot are off to school tomorrow....I still say 'lot' like I still have all four at school!

  2. I was wondering how you were going to make the big cut out bit of your painted fabric work... hard to know whether your Southern Sky quilt just didn't photograph as well as seeing it in person... which by the way, I expect to see in person at our next quilting day :) Now are you just goading me to do something to Nadia's quilt (the one that's been around since she was 6mths old)and is still in bits?

  3. Eldest starts school tomorrow and youngest has his first day of high school on Friday. I'm surprised your quilt wasn't chosen - I thought it looked really good :) But then judging is always a bit of a toss up as it so often depends on who is doing the judgements and what their likes/dislikes are.

    Isn't it amazing how often toes end up in photos :) Or fingers!


  4. A shame you weren't picked but I like your attitude. We've just started back at school this week, so far so good.........


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