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Friday, June 14, 2013

What's on my design wall?

Chocolate fish if you can guess what birds these are.  My husband couldn't pick them straight away so now I'm a little worried that they are not obvious.  And they are a type of bird that I'm hoping is easy to recognise, so help me out and tell me if the clueless one is me or him!  (Maybe I just spend more time staring at the sky than him?)

Tomorrow is our second Saturday Stitch and Chat.  Our quilting club is holding one a month to try and encourage new members and people who can't make our weekday meetings.  Last month we had some total newbies and it was exciting to see them interested and keen.  So I'm off to my studio now to try and figure out what I'm going to work on and what I'm going to bring to show any potential quilt addicts.


  1. Definitely Swallows...I can see them returning to San Juan Capistrano as we speak.

  2. Hmm...we don't have swallows around here that I know of. Just crows, robins, and a falcon now and then so I'm not familiar with the swallows silhouette. They are wonderfully detailed and I'd think the two prong tail would be a giveaway for anyone who knows their birds.

  3. Welcome swallows! I remember them nesting at Waterfall Rd. Very recognisable :)

  4. And now they nest here too, and leave a heck of a mess! Chocolate fish for you all - they are welcome swallows. I love watching them dart and dive. There are a couple who hang out near our house and perch just outside my studio window sometimes and peer at me with their bright, cheeky eyes.

  5. maybe time for your husband to have an eye test. They are obiviously swallows! Pretty wee things that make a lot of poop :-)

  6. AM I too late for a chocolate fish (?) - of course they are swallows!!!


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