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Saturday, July 13, 2013


I'm done.  That's it.  Night shift over.  Homeward bound.

There is a slight sense of euphoria after finishing a long night shift.  You know you heading home to a warm bed and a good sleep.  After this one especially, when I knew I was heading home for two weeks of holidays!

Combined with a beautiful dawn, I was practically floating.

I was really glad I had taken my wheat pack to work, heated it up before I left and had it ready in the car to warm my hands after being out and taking these photos, brrrr!

Now I have a to-do list as long as my arm before Symposium.  It includes ambitious things like defrost the freezer (I'll be embarrassed to let the babysitter open it).  We'll see how far I get through it.  Hopefully I'll have some time to update here, but if not - you know where I'll be and how much fun I'll be having!


  1. Oh too bad about the freezer! Enjoy, after all the freezer & ice will be there when you get back, who knows the freezer defroster fairy might do it for you!

  2. oh wow...what amazing photos, Charlotte! My DD is my cleaning fairy but then, I'm her money fairy. Shall I send her up?? lol!

    Have fun at the Symposium!

  3. Yay for being finished! Lovely photos, they do look remarkably similar to the ones I took, Victoria is similar to lots of parts on NZ I think.

  4. I know exactly how you feel re. the night shift, yes it's lovely going home to a nice warm bed, and I like driving home in the early morning light too. Have a great holiday.

    1. I had such a good sleep cuddled up to my wheat pack and I know I will have a great holiday, thanks!

  5. Oh how beautiful - it makes me want to pack up and jump on a plane. Right now! Have a great holiday.


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