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Friday, July 12, 2013

Nearly There.

I'm nearly there.  Nearly at the end of another stretch of locum work, nearly at the end of school term, nearly at Symposium.  And it feels that the closer I get, the heavier the weight is to carry.

Locum work can be stressful, and of course it's much busier than my normal schedule so other things get pushed aside.  I don't think I've realised how much of a stress relieving tool quilting can be.  It's very therapeutic to stroke fabric, place stitch, consider design and make small, pleasing changes to a composition.

I have a 12 hour night shift tonight and then I am FREE for two weeks.  I can make it till then, I can!


  1. Hope your night shift goes well Charlotte and then aah plenty of rest and recreation and catching up again.

  2. Work well tonight, is your job as a midwife a rewarding one?

  3. Deep breath....think of all those grateful ladies. But yup, juggling kids and home is, home AND work-out-of-home is sometimes too much.

  4. Not long now to Symposium looking forward to it. I have all my supplies but have not packed yet. I'll do that on Monday or Tuesday. I went to a friends house today and she has her bags packed already!


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