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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Super Moon

I took these photos of the setting moon early in the morning.  

It was the full moon and a perigee moon - when it's closest to the earth.

I relish these little moments.

It makes the chore of getting up early a little easier.


  1. Yes I had the pure pleasure of being out walking with this glorious moon! How amazing to see this & the sun coming up too! Another good frost this much for the winterless north!

  2. Wasn't it great? And your photos look awesome with the flaxheads. I love being up early, too :-)

  3. You won't convince me about waking up early in the morning... I end up way too busy to look at the sky! And I see the perfect project for your rusty tea bag fabric (well, that sure doesn't sound very nice, but you know what I mean :0)

  4. Magic! Especially the first one *sigh


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