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Monday, December 9, 2013

'Bin Quiltin'

I've been spending a bit of time with quilts under my sewing machine needle lately.

I want to get this one finished for our club exhibition in January.

This one is done and just needs a hanging sleeve and label.

I'm binding this one ready for donation to the maternity unit.

And binding this one too.  It's a table runner made as a sample for a set of beginner classes I'm going to run next year.  Know anyone who wants to learn basic patchwork and quilting in the Bay of Islands?  My email address is lottiemscott at yahoo dot com!


  1. Lookin' great! I like the feathery one best. Good luck with the classes.

  2. Who would have guessed that Leeanne liked the feathers best! Looks like you have been VERY busy... are you getting the slate cleared for next year?

  3. Gorgeous work Charlotte... you are ploughing through them!! Hopefully I can get up to the exhibition this year.


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