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Friday, January 31, 2014


Fug.  That's what I'm feeling.

I think I'm coming down from the creative high that I had going when I was concentrating on finishing my entry for the Living Colour exhibition.  The deadline is tonight but I got mine in yesterday and now I'm just ...... blah.

I'm not allowed to show the whole quilt until it either gets rejected, or, if it gets accepted (here's hoping), until after the opening exhibition in April (I think).  But I can show you a snippet.

The yellow fabric pile in my stash is the smallest one.  But this quilt is SO darn yellow.  Maybe I'm feeling the fug as a comedown from all that bright!

The kids are almost back at school.  Just this weekend to go.  I'm feeling the need for headspace and routine again.  And I'd really like for the housework to stay done for more than five minutes.

Instead of trying to do anything in my studio today I caught up on some blogs, read lots, listened to lots of podcasts (does anyone know of any NZ quilty podcasts?), the kids and I did some inkblot painting - you know where you blob on paint and fold the paper in half?  And generally mooched around.  But in a way, mooching makes me feel worse because I finish the day with nothing to show for it!

Listen to me - what a moaning minnie!

I suppose while mooching I have been thinking lots about what I want 2014 to bring for me.  Especially after reading everyone else's plans in the comments on my giveaway.  So now I'm going to bed early, I'm going to wake up refreshed and revitalised and I'm going to write a more positive post tomorrow about all my hopes and dreams!


  1. Hi Charlotte, hope today is bringing you the revitalisation you need! I look forward to seeing your Living Colour piece.

  2. Interesting piece, good luck.
    Rest well & you will be in to it!

  3. Early nights are always good medicine for me, Charlotte..I hope you feel better tomorrow {{hugs}} All the best with your quilt..I look forward to (eventually seeing it!

  4. So it's not just me that goes low after a deadline is achieved and a piece finished! it's kind of like all your creative energy has been spent and you're not sure what to start - the middle and the end is often my favourite part in creating. Can't wait to see it at the exhibition, congrats by the way! Love the colour!


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