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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Giveaway Winner

Today is Saturday - giveaway day!  I numbered the comments you lovely people left for me (missing out Helen's PS comment), wrote the numbers on bits of paper and then got my lovely children to draw one out of a hat a plastic cat food container.

But number three was my sister's comment!!  Urgh!  That smacks of nepotism and I was going to send her some threads anyway (because she's my sister and because it's her birthday soon and because she's much, much older than me....he he he)

So girl child drew another number - number 2 - congratulations to Helen!  I'm going to email you to get your postal address Helen.  Helen said:

Hi Charlotte
Congratulations on your quilt being pictured in the latest issue of Quilt Mania. Well done!
I am hoping this year to get better at using my quilting machine. Actually what that really means is I hope I find some time to use it :-)
PS I love the teal colours

I hope you get time to use your machine too Helen.

And yes - much to my surprise, my quilt "Life Encircling" was pictured in issue 98 of QuiltMania, a French quilting magazine.  The article was about the Taupo Symposium.  Thanks Helen and Raewyn who both sent me a heads up.  And thanks QuiltMania - exciting!!

I'm busy working on a quilt to enter an exhibition.  Unfortunately I'm not allowed to show it :(  But seeing as the deadline is a week away, I'll have something else to show you soon enough.

Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. Hi Charlotte

    How wonderful for me! Please thank girl-child for me :-) I'm looking forward to being able to see what you enter in the exhibition challenge that closes next week. All the best for selection. I am working on a piece for a challenge that closes next week too. It might be the same challenge (lol) I am not sure if I will get mine finished on time, but I will give it a good go tomorrow.

  2. Excuse me missy! Much, much older indeed!! Actually, I suppose I can remember you wandering around in nappies... Well done Helen ;-) Lottie, give those children big hugs from Aunty Lou.

  3. Congratulations to Helen and you of course on another publication!!


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