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Sunday, June 22, 2014

More boat renovations

Every week sees more progress on the renovation of MV Cerego.  It's taking longer than we hoped, but we knew we were being overoptimistic when we originally said six weeks, so we are not surprised. 

I'm getting a bit jaded now as Hubby stays late after work to get more done, then weekends are filled with him on the boat and me looking after the children.  In the beginning we all went down to the boat, but now it's too smelly, wet-painty, messy and dangerous for the kids.  I love my kids, but 'solo-parenting' can wear you down!

When I get like this (whiney), I start trying to spend five minutes a day writing down the things I'm grateful for.  Like a healthy family, a good job, the opportunity to live on a boat, down to the ridiculous - like being thankful that ALL the chickens went into their pen without requiring chasing!  It works to remind me to get over myself. 

On to the boat pictures.  Above is the newly replaced belting, complete with a coat of primer.  This bit of wood was completely rotten, but it's not structural, instead it's designed to rub against docks etcetera and so is 'sacrificial' as such.

The top deck had a few rotten bits too.  They've all been replaced now and everything sanded back ready for fibreglassing.  The boys have got over half of the fibreglassing down now.  This really needed to be done as there were a few leaks coming through from up here.  Not good!

Here's my dear Hubby in his fibreglassing coveralls - pretty flattering aren't they?!  Don't worry, he never reads my blog.

Beside him is the wall where my sewing corner is going to be.  It had a funny cupboard and bench thingy built to cover the pole in the middle.  The cupboard and bench were even more awkwardly shaped than the pole so they've been ripped out and there is heaps more usable room now.  You can see where we've ripped off the ceiling panelling too - these beams will all be painted glossy white.  Below is a before pic.

Talking about glossy white, here is the former dark, dingy, dirty fish hold!  It's all shiny and bright white now and ready for the carpenter to come in and start building floors and walls and bunks.  Once the building is finished then everything will get a last coat of paint.

I snuck in a thread holding unit that was just MDF timber and the magic spray gun painter has turned it a pretty white too.  My friend gave me a giant sized thread cupboard last year before she left the country but I don't think it will fit on the boat, so I'm getting other options ready.

The carpenter couldn't start on the walls and floors, but he has started on the doors.  He's made two cabin doors and the square one is for the engine room.  They will remain as a timber finish, like the one on the left.  On the work trestle in the front of the picture you can see the small door he's working on for the engine room hatch.  Can you see the double thickness?  They are all constructed like that, as will be the walls.  Very substantial.

That's it for the update.  I'm looking forward to when I can show cabin construction, then I'll really feel like we are making progress.

Have a great Sunday everyone.


  1. It is looking great! Hang in there. Maybe you need to kidnap hubby for a hot date. :)

  2. You guys are doing good, it is a big job! Glad you have a thread holder! I like your new header for your blog too.

  3. Yip - nothing like a man in sexy overalls! I remember "fondly" our renovation days, late nights, plenty of sausages and bread for dinner... and everyone going to bed dirty. The best thing is that one day it will be finished, and all worth it. In the grand scheme of things, it's not that long to wait... PLUS I love your blog changes... and the update to the little snippet at the top. Are you ready for school holidays yet?

  4. Doing up a boat, in fact any work on a boat seems to take sooooo much longer than work on a house! I like your idea of making lists of what you are grateful for!!

  5. The boat's looking good. Do you have a move out/in date?
    Re feeling like a solo Mum, do you have a good friend with young children too? When my boys were young, my friend & I would help each other out by looking after each others kids. It worked well, I'd get heaps done when she had my boys and when I had all the kids it was fun as they were better behaved as they enjoyed having friends to play with, not just their brothers/sisters to annoy ;-)

  6. Looking good ....specially the overalls :)


  7. Gosh, such a huge job but interesting seeing the progress 'you' are making and the big improvement. Good on you with your positive attitude.


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