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Sunday, August 2, 2015

A pose of herons

(the best collective noun for herons that I could find - better than a siege, a hedge or a colony)

Continuing with the heron theme from my last blog post, I wanted to show you the rust and tea-dyed heron that I've been working with more since he last featured on my blog.

For some reason I struggled with it for quite a while.  I think the problem was that I didn't have a clear idea of the feeling I wanted to convey.

I had begun thinking that I wanted to work toward using this quilt as an entry into the Taiwan International Exhibition 2016, where the theme is 'protect the earth's environment'.  My statement was going to be about how the white faced heron used the man-made environment of wharf lights to prolong his fishing.  But it didn't sit right and work well, so I went back to trying to convey that feeling of peace, of dark and quiet and when you can't tell where the water ends and the night-sky begins.

Here is how it has evolved so far:

Have I succeeded?  Your thoughts and comments are welcome.


  1. And I found "sedge" for the group of herons. could it be used also? I love your different versions very much. You will be successful inTaiwan, I am sure.

  2. He's beautiful - makes me think so much of 'home'.

  3. My favorite is the second view, with the three herons and dark gray background. Something about the arrangement, the colors, the pilings. Great seeing your process.

  4. I really like how your design has evolved! Thanks for sharing your creative process.

  5. Loved your designs. Spent some time last December camping at the Blur Heron site near Whangerai. The herons were great to watch from the tent. Bought a property in Ruawai and will be returning again in early December. If DH can go fishing then I may well insist on visiting you some time in your next summer. I'm a patchwork and quilt lady( of mature years) and already have my machine bought last December 'fostered' with a friend in Orewa. Hoping to make contact with the Dargaville Quilters group very soon.
    Helen in France

  6. You nailed it! I can almost hear the water lapping gently while I stare at the mesmerizing water on a moonlit night. Enjoyed seeing where you started and where you went to get to the end. We very rarely just come up with something and lay it all perfectly out the first time out. But let's let the non quilting world think we do so they will ooooh and aaaah and tell us how great we are shall we? Lol!

  7. I think you have indeed conveyed the feeling of peace, I like the reflection on the water, nice peaceful touch.

  8. Charlotte this is such a beautiful, peaceful work of art!! Just sitting at my computer looking at this is so very calming. I do hope you are successful in Taiwan!

  9. Love the heron and his reflection - not so sure about the waves. They look a little overly obvious to me. Mind you, I'm strictly in the 'less is more' camp. Might be worth looking at a few Chinese/Japanese prints on the subject. Nice to see the workings though and some potential to go in other directions too I think. Specially those posts.


  10. I've had herons in my sights and thoughts lately too. Our waterways are quite full of them right now and I love to watch them as I quietly float by in my kayak.
    I want to take my camera next time.
    I love your dusk time rendering of the heron with its reelection. It's often when we see more of them here too. We have the Blue heron.


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