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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Finished Quilt: The Cold Watch

I finished this piece a while ago, but I didn't want to show it until it had been exhibited for the first time.  I sent it off to the Festival of Quilts 2015, in Birmingham in the UK and it was exhibited in the art quilt category.

The festival is well and truly over, so now you get to see it here.

I began this quilt in a class with Rosalie Dace.  The class was about colour and titled "Earth, Wind, Fire."  I was thinking about Earth.  I wanted to convey cliffs and mountains, big, looming, threatening peaks.  Other class participants saw monuments and cathedrals. And I liked that people interpreted it a little different from me.

I added a base of hills or waves - you can take your pick as I wanted to continue that ambiguous feeling.  And then I tried to crop it to make it fit within a size specification for a particular exhibition I had in mind.  But it didn't work, so I pulled back the borders again.

The perspective appeared better with more space around it.  And then I added the moon and the birds.  They also help with the perspective and I think they add to the cold, lonely, forbidding feeling.

There was lots of quilting.  Mostly free motion and I loved how it made the waves/ hills move.

And some blocking and trimming.

A slightly closer view.

I'm particularly proud of this piece because I was really wanting to convey a particular feeling with it.    It's not particularly beautiful, but it is eye-catching and has a definite feeling to it.  Everybody who has seen it in person has made comments that make me think they 'got' it.  And that is what I deem success.

Size:  60.5cm x 100.5cm or 23 3/4in x 39 1/2in
Materials:  Hand dyed fabrics: cotton, silk, silk organza, linen; fabric paint, discharge paste
Techniques:  Machine piecing, applique and embroidery; stencilling; free motion quilting


  1. I get it :) Hope it was appreciated properly :)


  2. Definitely eye catching and definitely a quilt you want to look at more than once. Well done..truely an international exhibitor!

  3. I got a sense of foreboding, the grey skies and high cliffs and ever so pleased I wasn't stand at the top! Very clever and detailed piece.

  4. Hello, I've been following your blog for some time and enjoy reading your posts. I was at the NEC last Saturday and saw your quilt, it is every bit as striking 'in the flesh' as it looks on the blog post, it reminds me of The Old Man of Hoy' a large rock stack of the coast of Scotland very imposing and rugged, and very fitting to the theme. Well done! Keep up the good work! Lorraine aka monkey business and quilts blog.

  5. Charlotte, I think it is lovely! The birds circling really add to the emotion of the quilt.

  6. It's beautiful Charlotte! It reminds me of skyscrapers...

  7. Love this--and I remember when it started! You definitely conveyed a feeling with it. I do think cliffs, but like the fact that it can be reminiscent of other things...


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