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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday

My best quilting budding has been whipping her WIP's lately. It's making me feel a little jealous, but kinda proud too - we've been quilting together for five years. We started together and we've continued together. She's a great mate. She was even at the births of my children...well, she IS a midwife too!

So once again it's Wednesday and I'm off to her place to quilt and chat and drink tea. And maybe even whip some WIP's butts.

We have a little challenge running. Over a month we are to make an A4 size self-portrait quilt. Any techniques go, but you must use some of the yummies we bought when we went to Whangarei Quilter's annual (or maybe bi-annual?) show.

Yummies have a habit of sitting around, being admired and then put away for 'good'.

Which is no good.

So out they come and I have free licence to play and experiment. I think I'll do some embroidery (not one of my finer skills), and try out those silk rods.

Oh, and those funny things I'm wearing on my fingers? Called Finger Gloves. I bought them from The PowerQuilter, our little local quilting store. They are the best thing I've found so far for free-motion quilting. Better than floppy old gloves where the thumb is too long (I've sewed the thumb to my quilt before). I can even thread a needle while I'm wearing them!
Happy Whipping everyone!

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