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Friday, April 16, 2010

Of things that go cluck.

When they are in, all they want to do is get out. You know, the grass is greener on the other side, right?

But when they're out, all they want to do is get back in! "The world is ending, I can't seem to get back to my friends!"

"Show me the door! How did this happen? Let me innnnnn!"

Actually, it happened because I dropped her. I was trying to take pictures of her and she flapped and I let go. Whoops. But she's tame enough that I can grab her again if I don't rush.

I have two of these Silver Campines who look almost identical. And I'm 90% sure they are she's. At eight weeks old now, they've been out in the hutch for a couple of weeks, not needing a heat source since they were six weeks. Fully feathered, they just have to grow and moult and gain their adult plumage. Which isn't much different. These two have been earmarked for a new home already.

A pic of a nice group of silver campines - picture from

I've been sitting here tonight working on my chicken records. I've bought a few newbies (ssshhh, don't tell Hubby) and I need to shuffle chooks around pens. I need to work out who I'm keeping and who I'm selling, who is taking a visit to the freezer and who I'm going to match make with who. I'm also trying to streamline the whole chook raising process a little and it's taking a bit of thinking on paper.

When I opened my notebook that I've been recording incubator hatching details in, I saw this sweet little picture that my boy drew me. "I'll draw you a chicken, Mum. Just so you remember this page is about chickens."

It makes me smile everytime I see it.


  1. I mostly get ducks on my stationary, and now there is a whole flock (in coloured wax) on my computer plus one on my shelf that accidentally went through the washing machine.

    Fortunately I use cold water and it came out intact! It helped that it is only thumbnail size :)

    Our elderly bantam girls (including one who thinks she is a rooster and crows quite convincingly) are pretty free range and have become too much pets to eat (and too old and tough!). I'm thinking of getting some new chicks sometime this year to boost the egg production a little - we only got about 2 doz all up this year from 4 hens. Mostly from the young one who is only 5. (The others are around 8). Might try something new breed wise this time as we have had this lot and their ancestors for about 17 years now.

    viv in nz

  2. ooo oooo so excited. They sure look like very pretty girls to me!
    I love the wee chicken pic.

  3. Yes very attractive girls.
    I know where to come when our old girls cark it (they are pets)

    Love Leanne

  4. Aww, very cute, the chooks and the little picture!

  5. So nice to see all the love your chickens get. :-) I love the pictures, too.


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