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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Books to bury your nose in.

I've given up reading novels.  Well, I've put it on hold till I have gained the skill of self-control (snort!).  I just can't put a novel down until it's done.  Instead, I'm picking up books that you can delve into for a few minutes here and there and enjoy.

So what am I reading looking at?

The Hobbit by J R R Tolkien.  This one I am actually reading, in sections, to my boy at bedtime.  He in enthralled.  And I'm rapidly running out of pages.  Any suggestions for our next read?

The Diary of a Farmer's Wife 1796-1797.  This is a reading one too.  But as it's a diary and written in ye olde style English, it was put downable.  Interesting to read, not sure if it's genuine or a well done fake.

Twelve by Twelve.  The International Art Quilt Challenge.  Now this is a fantastic find.  Lusciously and generously photographed, this book is a round up of a collaborative challenge.  Twelve art quilters, making twelve 12" x 12" quilts.  Each artist took turns picking a theme and it was fascinating to see the different interpretations.  Each month features one quilt in depth and profiles the art quilter who made it.  This is well worth a read and has entertained and inspired me.

1000 Artisan Textiles. Sandra Salamony and Gina M. Brown.  This one is a great find too.  Page after page of rich colour, fantastic shapes, texture and design.  There are five sections; wearable art and couture, fashion accessories, soft furnishings and vessels, tapestries and display art and art quilts.  The only beef I have with it is that the only information shared under each was the name of the maker.  The title, size and materials were all in a directory at the back, awkward to keep flipping back and forth.

The Crafting of Narnia by Weta Workshop.  This one I picked up for my boy and he has loved looking through it.  The illustrations are enchanting and incredibly detailed.  I was taken with it too and enjoyed flicking through it.  I can't say I read too much of the text, but it is well worth it as a picture book.

The other two in the stack are:
The Quilt.  Beauty in Fabric and Thread by Marie Salazar.  Again, lovely pictures.  But published in 1997, some of the quilts are a bit dated.  Interesting to see style progression though.

And The Nude by Giovanni Civardi.  This is the odd one out!  I borrowed this from the library to help me with a quilt I'm planning. 

So what books are on your nightstand?


  1. His Dark Materials trilogy by phillip pullman. I adored the hobbit and I adored these!

  2. You might try Swallows and Amazons. They are very well read round here :)


  3. I have a wee pile 'beside' my bedside drawers.. I know what you mean about novels but try to be disciplined and only read at night - if I touch a book during the day, I'm history! Love to browse my old magazines during the day.

  4. My kids have loved listening to Lemony Snicket's "Series of Unfortunate Events", as well as good old Treasure Island. They also really enjoyed Nim's Island - recently made into a film I believe.


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