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Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm glad he only turns 40 once...

You could be forgiven for thinking that I had dropped off the side of the world, but I'm still here, beavering away at life.  I guess I just lost my blogging mojo for a little while.  And I've been busy gearing up for my Hubby's fortieth birthday.

So Saturday found us firing up two spit roasts, making enormous salads and boiling tubs of spuds.  We had been tidying up around the place for the last few weekends and clearing a big space in the shed.  It's amazing the motivation an impending horde or visitors can give you!

We had a fire to take off the chill and provide entertainment.  I counted 26 kids running round at one stage and they made short work of a half kilo bag of marshmellows!

The band started up and then kept on rocking till the wee small hours. 

I guess I can't deny the rumour that I danced!  Someone managed to get photographic evidence.

Of course, the next day brings the aftermath.  Clean up is still going on.  I've made mutton and potato soup for dinner tonight and the chickens and dogs have been so well fed they are waddling. 

I guess I can't deny this rumour either!  Yes, we all needed a nana nap on Sunday.

And one of the best parts of the whole weekend was that I got this baby finished and off to it's rightful owner.  His parents came along to the party and were very happy to take it home and pass it on.  Another finish!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Love the completed quilt - well done!

  2. Fun time, keep up the nanna naps!You know that quilt is awesome!

  3. Is that dancing? (a bit dark to tell, although I blew it up as big as it would go). You are still fully clothed, there are no tables involved, and you don't appear to be doing anything your kids would be embarassed by - I call that standing showing appreciation for music.

  4. Wow, you go girlie! looks like fun! Got your messages too, thanks, we've been at the mansion looking after kids and dogs. Off to the farm for a week of the school hols next, woohoo!


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