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Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday Update

It's Good Friday today, the first day of the Easter school holidays.  So I've got two weeks with my little darlings.  And that would be two weeks on my own, as Hubby is heading off to Fiordland hunting Wapiti (Elk).  However, my Sister-in-Law and three nieces are coming up for a while to drive us crazy keep us entertained, so life will not be too boring!

Today we've seen the first sun for ages.  It's been raining and raining and raining.  So we've made the most of it and been outside for long walks and the kids have been jumping on the trampoline lots.  I got a chance to rummage around under our passionfruit vine and found loads!  This is probably the fourth amount like this we've collected.  It's fantastic, because the kidlets adore them and will eat plateloads.  I can also give some away - they are pretty popular and they are soooo expensive in the supermarkets.  I'm sure I saw them priced at about $20 per kilo, gulp.

I've also managed to fit in a spot of quilting.  I'm working on quilting my Old Maid's Puzzle quilt and now that I've set my space up for machine quilting, I want to keep at it so I don't have to keep rearranging the furniture.  I also need to get it quilted as I need the basting pins!  I've finished a top I can't show you (don't you hate that - but the niece who it's for isn't quite here yet, and I don't want to spoil the surprise for her parents) and I need to get it finished so I can take it with me when I visit Australia in a couple weeks.  Yes, I'm off to Brisbane soon, but more on that later.

Meanwhile, the building work on my studio continues.  The dividing wall between the laundry and the studio space has been taken out and a new wall created to wall off the bathroom.  There will be a french door where the big window is in the back wall, but that is yet to happen.  The doors and windows are in on the front wall and the ceiling beams are now done.  And I think I've got the coolest front door around!  It's like a stable door, we just have to put in a catch so that it moves in one piece for most of the time, and it needs a proper handle fitted.

This is the view towards the bathroom.
This is the 'before' shot of the above view.
Windows and doors in the front.  We will be painting them a different colour!
My funky front door.
Hopefully my next studio update will show a ceiling.  But in the meantime have a happy and safe Easter everyone.  


  1. Very cool door! Just a little envious of all your passionfruit too. Yummo.

  2. Neat to see the progress in your room - the door is great - wish our stable had doors like that - we had to settle for a gate instead. Those passion fruit look so yum. Happy Easter!

  3. I am reading your blog with much interest!

  4. OMG will you get a horse to go with that cool door!
    Happy quilting, laughs with family, & eating passion fruit.
    Happy Easter :-)

  5. Passion fruit! Can't grow that here unfortunately. That studio looks to be well on the way too:)
    Have a great Easter.


    ps I'm thinking of doing a post with those items you spotted. Can't think why I've not photoed them before. I even taught a class doing this about 5 years back.



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