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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Procrastination by cutting

I have a deadline.  It is self-imposed but important and I am procrastinating.  But procrastinating in the best way possible, by starting a new quilt!

I'm going to make one of those raggy flannel quilts where the seam allowance is a design feature that frays and softens over time.  It will be for the kids to snuggle under when they are watching TV on cold winter weekend mornings when I'm still in bed!

I've been tidying my fabric stash (more procrastination!) and I've got a stack of flannels that I've never really used.  They are bulky and so I want to get rid of them.  I'm going to start using them more as backings for the bassinet quilts I make for the local maternity unit as well and hopefully that will be another box empty.

Now the dishwasher's going, the kids are in bed, I've written a blog post, caught up on all my emails, made a cup of tea, I can't really procrastinate anymore.......


  1. Well, surely if you're allowed to start a new quilt, then I must be allowed to?? And I don't even have an impending baby quilt deadline to worry about. Hmm, wonder what I'll be doing tomorrow?

  2. I've got about 6 pairs of socks I'm supposed to be knitting so of course I am sorting the (waaay too many) odds and ends I use for making postcards and turning them into teeny tiny hexagons :)


  3. Haha, I am procrastinating by visiting you here. Fun way to procrastinate though :)

  4. Come procrastinate here if you like. I have a stash that absolutely needs cutting!

  5. Starting a new quilt is like a sunny day, a good gives much pleasure, that's why we all do it so often!


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