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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hairy the Bushman

I entered a competition, just 'cos I had a little time on my hands.  Over at the Quilting Gallery Blog you can view quilts made for Dads and then vote for your favourite.

I entered my quilt that I made for my Father in Law.  It's called Hairy the Bushman (his old nickname) and I designed it to celebrate his love of the native New Zealand bush.  He has spent years in and out of the bush hunting and doing pest control work.  The pest control work is essential if our native birds are to thrive - they did not evolve in a land where there were mammalian predators.  The best thing about this quilt is that he uses it and loves it - it's on his bed and then migrates with him to the couch if he's not feeling the best.  It's a good feeling knowing that someone appreciates their quilt ;)

So if you want to give me the chance to win a quilting book, head on over and vote for me!


  1. Done! You know I love your quilts.

  2. great quilt & fantastic your Dad loves it too! I'm off to vote!

  3. Opps....I see it's your father in law....sorry!

  4. I remember this quilt, and how great it turned out. So neat to hear that it is well loved... heading over to Quilting Bloggers now....

  5. Voted....your's looks the best there!

  6. Thanks everyone! I came tenth out of thirty-three entries, not too shabby.


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