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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Re-purposing - just don't tell my sister in law!

My sister in law gave us an old silk painting a few years back.  It's hung on various walls but never really fitted.  And it wasn't really 'me' to start with.  So today, inspired by the fact it was put on my dining table to move it out of the way, I set to it with a knife and some pliers.

I pulled out the silk painting, which was a whole heap brighter on the back where it wasn't faded (the boat was orange?  Wow, I always thought it was peach!) and put it up on my girl's wall as requested.  Then I cut a piece of batting as large as the backing board, stretched some fabric over the top and hot glued it down.

Some ribbons (do not look at the unsymmetricalness (is that a word?) of them) completed a little inspiration/notice board for my new studio.  

When I slotted a few things behind the ribbons (I'm pretty sure the non-symmetry will disappear once it's got my junk all over it!) I realised I'm going to have to sew some buttons on each ribbon crossing to help hold things in.  And I need some little tacks to replace the ones I pulled out of the back, but otherwise it's all done!  And so easy!  So, if you've got an old unloved picture in an interesting frame anywhere, give it a go.

And guess what's happening at my place today?  Floor sanding!  Two coats on today, maybe a third one later if they can fit it in, and then the last one on tomorrow.  I'm moving in on Friday!  Oh - no I'm not.  I'm sleeping Friday after night shift.  I'm moving in on the weekend!!!


  1. C*O*O*L!!!! Your own studio, how exciting, you will have more room to pull apart unloved gifts!

  2. Great idea!! How exciting to be NEARLY moving in!! Have fun rediscovering all your bits and pieces.

  3. Yay for floor sanding!! I'm so jealous of your studio :0)

    Unsymmetricalness is a word in MY dictionary LOL! It means being uniquely creative hehe...


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