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Monday, October 1, 2012

School Holidays have hit

So I found my camera.  I did what I should have done first.  I asked the kids.

"Oh, we found it on the ground, so we took a few pictures."

"Then what did you do with it?"

"We put it in here to keep it safe."  

Of course.  And here was their toy garage.

I thought I'd show you a couple of their artistic shots.  They illustrate quite well that it is school holidays for two weeks and they are already driving me a little crazy at lunch time on the first day!

So once I had my camera back, did I take any astounding photographs?  Not really, sorry!  Just a few of the ducklings who are enjoying living outside.  Big Red, the rooster, is a huge bird, so you can see how much they've grown after only a few weeks - much faster than chickens - and if you want to eat these, they are ready at eight weeks.

And I'm still stitching away at my Tree of Life quilt.  I don't want to rush it just to have it done.  I'd rather spend the time on it to get it right.  

So happy school hols everyone!  Let's hope I'm still sane by the end of them!


  1. Ours are off to grandma for a week on Wednesday - yaaaaaay :) Hopefully the plumbing will be fixed when they come back. Having said that - they are old enough now to be pretty self sufficient.


  2. By lunchtime today I was gladly going off to work lol actually it wasn't that bad, Suz came over for an hour which kept the boys entertained, but as soon as I had them packed in the car the silliness escalated. Thank goodness I'm allowed to go to work again tomorrow lol - just a bugger I can't take my sewing machine with me ;-)

  3. Oh I remember the days of (wet) school holidays well!! I'm sure you will survive the 2 weeks just fine, and hope you find some sewing time too.


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